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SciTech Constituent

Becoming a Constituent of Science and Technology

You can get involved with us and the world of science and technology by simply becoming a Constituent for Science and Technology Awareness.

The effects of science and technology are forever growing around us. Technological advancements can make our lifestyles easier or more complex.

There are a lot of new technological innovations in many diverse areas which are introduced daily to the public. Individuals might find it challenging to keep up with emerging innovations without having access to a source that keeps abreast of developments in the world of science and technology.

To assist people in feeling comfortable with science and technology around them, the African Scientific Institute (ASI) has formed Constituents for Science and Technology Awareness.


As a Constituent of Science and Technology Awareness Program, you will receive:

  1. SciTech News, a section of SciTech Watch, which keeps you current about developments in science and technology… available only to Constituents of Science and Technology Awareness.
  2. Discounts on any offering presented on this website.
  3. Access to a wide network of scientists and technologists.

Your Contribution Also Goes To Assist:

Science and Technology Awareness Fair (STAF). This event exposes science and technology to children through personal exposure to scientists and technologists, as well as exhibits of informative visualizations and hands-on activities. This affair gives the community a sense of participation in modern technology. Principals, teachers, youth, and parents will be assisted in understanding how they can ensure children a progressive future in the world of science and technology.

The Technology and Environment Camp (TEC): This camp assists inner-city children become more exposed to science, technology, and the environment, especially through hands-on activities. Parents of the campers will be encouraged to join in the activities with their children. Teachers will present to campers and parents an integrated curriculum that includes field trips, classroom laboratory experiments, and demonstrations emphasizing the role of technology in our lives and how we impact our environment.